Moe's over at the Chelsea Art Museum for the spring/summer 2008 Catherine Malandrino show. (That's Catherine at left.) Moe may be hungover (she texted us something about 9/11 conspiracy theories at 1:30am last night, so it's likely). And Jennifer is there too, sitting next to Mena Suvari. Here's what Moe has to say. 12:41: "It is very hot. A man next to me with a Jeffrey bag who weighs approximately 110 pounds is wearing colossal sunglasses, white plaid pants with black trim at the bottoms, a pale pale yellow tank top, and a short little black half jacket thingy, with a white peter pannish collar and short, puffed sleeves. Think he's gay?" 12:48: "Princess Leah buns on models. White and cream sure are popular colors for spring! With beige a close second. Malandrino is all about gigantic sleeves. Like sleeves as the new hoopskirts. Sleeves that say, I defy you to try and tap me on the shoulder at a party while I am talking to someone more important, and gayer, than you." 12:50: "A man in front of me has an actual Chinese fan with which he is fanning himself. ALEK WEK." "Or wait, not Alek Wek." (Click through for more)

12:53: "There is one model with the most self satisfied smirk. As if she couldn't, at any minute, fall right down on her clavicle and die. Yeah, so your dress is pretty guess what you CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU!" 12:56: "And I would be lying if I said the dresses weren't almost universally gorgeous. I would be telling you sweet little lies. Because they are. These dresses are disgustingly beautiful. This is where the dilemma would come in for me, I guess, if I had gazillions of dollars. The pallette is very Crayola markers "bold" collection, which have always been my favorite colors, and the detailing is gorge. Ok, now over. Heavy sigh." 12:58: "Malan is here. He's gotta be creaming himself over those sleeves." 1:00: "Half the seats have Japanese names. Malandrino is Japanese! It makes so much sense now. Wow. You really can't begrudge the Japanese their painstakingly beautiful clothes. They gave us the fuel efficient car! And the Nintendo Wii." 1:08: "Kidding of course. I don't think Malandrino is Japanese. Is it? Looking at front row seat names. Irina Mikhailovskaya of Elle Russia... Nikolaus Albrecht of German Glamour. The world = so small! Ok, one more thing. I forgot to mention the music. It is super dramatic orchestral, reminding me of Bjork's "Homogenic" album, the only music that ever made me think I could become a pothead. It is rich and dramatic and perfect for the dresses, so you feel sort of like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she watches the opera scene: Like, oh! I get how people think this is EMOTIONAL and shit. Like it is ART. Because it is art, when you forget how it all gets corrupted and huckstered by the whole commerce thing."