First Gone Girl Clip: Nick and Amy Flirt, Creepily

We've seen Gone Girl trailers, but this the first snippet of a scene to be released.

The setting: a party with nauseatingly green Instagram filter/David Fincher lighting. The characters: Nick and Amy, as played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The gist: They're meeting for the first time. But as those of us who read the novel — written by Gillian Flynn — know, this is how it all begins, eventually turning into a marriage — and a bizarre, twisty, psychological clusterfuck of a story.

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I couldn't finish the book. I hated all the characters: Not enough to be willing to read all the way to find out what happened, but enough to Wiki the book after the fact. I suspect it will make a movie I will be willing to Netflix one day.

I DO like Rosamund Pike, though.