First a 45-year old Englishwoman stabbed her boyfriend with a fork when he ate the pork chops she'd made for herself for dinner. (She screamed "Eat my pork, feel my fork!" and went at him.) But now a fork-stabbing has happened again, right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.! Kelly Campbell-Baumgartner of Plymouth, Michigan stabbed her husband with a fork during a fight in a restaurant. Her hubby denied he was stabbed and refused to press charges, which makes us think he must have deserved it. But what is up with women stabbing their men? With forks? Because it's worse than putting dog shit in your cheating hubby's curry, don't you think? [CBS News]

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Jennifer Connolly fantasized forking her creepy ex-psychiatrist boyfriend in the hand during "Requiem for a Dream." That movie still gives me the jibblies.