Fire Up Your Tivos, Nerds: Anne of Green Gables is Returning to TV

Illustration for article titled Fire Up Your Tivos, Nerds: emAnne of Green Gables/em is Returning to TV

Oh, hell yes. A Canadian production company announced this weekend that Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series will be rebooted for TV.


According to the CBC, the newest depiction of the life of ahead-of-her-time she-ro Anne Shirley will be set in a more modern era, which I hope and pray does not mean there will be rapping and text messages and coordinated prom dancing. Heirs of Lucy Maud Montgomery will be intimately involved in crafting this series, which will span 13 episodes and air just as soon as I'm done jumping around and screaming like the 9 year old who was obsessed with the books and Megan Follows film adaptation that was made in the 80's.

Just for shits/giggles, here's some footage of Follows auditioning for the iconic role.

And now I want to watch the whole miniseries.


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It can't be any worse than the Continuing Story or a New Beginning were. Both of which I've refused to watch just on principle.

Give me a mini-series based on the Blue Castle instead, please! I saw a play version of it once, which was nice, except they had Valancy and Olive's body types completely reversed.