Fine Lines Lady

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Lois Lowry (Anastasia Krupnik, Taking Care of Terrific, The Giver) was interviewed by Seattle public radio station KUOW on Friday, and the 71-year-old writer talked about her career as an author, the importance of children's/young adult literature, her family, and how writing has helped her deal with life's slings and arrows. Although long, the podcast of her interview is a great listen for a slow workday or leisurely lunch hour. You can listen to it here. [KUOW]



I loved the book where Anastasia works for the old lady and expects she'll be her companion and they'll solve mysteries or something but instead is put to work in the kitchen as a maid and she drops a silver spoon down the disposal so it gets mangled and the old lady said "This debacle will be paid for out of your wages!" so Anastasia is convinced that a debacle is a type of large expensive spoon.