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Fine, Furry Friends

Illustration for article titled Fine, Furry Friends

[San Jose, Costa Rica; October 20. Image via Getty]

Isabel Arrieta pets two of her 100 stray dogs on October 20, 2009, at the central street of San Jose during the inauguration of six sculptures that remember and honor all stray dogs in the city. Costa Rican artist Francisco Munguia is the author of the six steel sculptures built with the support of Arca de Noe —an organization that rescues animals— a Costa Rican magazine and San Jose's Municipality. AFP PHOTO / Mayela Lopez (Photo credit should read MAYELA LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

BoBo, we've talked about this. Your brother does NOT look like he's stoned OR like Frank McCourt. Well, a little like Mr. McCourt, but you know he doesn't like when you tease him and that's speaking ill of the dead! Bad dog! Bad! #arcadenoe