Finding a Gym That Fits You Is the Newest Trend of 2014

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Going to the gym can be as intimidating as the first day of school, especially if you're not already in shape. To fight that feeling, contemporary athletic companies like Planet Fitness advertise workout areas without judgement. Others like Downsize, in Chicago and Fort Worth, mandate that clients must be 50 pounds overweight to join.

Schrantz used to be a chronic gym quitter. She'd sign up, go once and never return. The looks she got at other gyms made her uncomfortable.

"My thought on that is why are you looking at me when I got off of the couch, I got off of my bed and I'm actually doing something about it?" Schrantz said, during an interview at the gym. Still, she says, "It's hard."

There is no one way to lose weight and everyone should be able to find the workout plan, and place, that works for them. If that means joining a gym where others are a similar size and fighting the same weight challenges in a space where no one is stigmatized for their body, then it sounds like a great, supportive atmosphere to me.

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I'm totally down with this (working out in a supportive atmosphere is super important to staying motivated), but I'd also note that it is almost more important to find physical activities you find fun, if you want to make exercise a habit. All of my efforts to "get in shape" were pointless until I found active things I really liked doing (aerials — flying and static trapeze, fabrics). Now I do those things a lot and supplement with conditioning that helps me do them better. The conditioning is more of a chore, but I'm super motivated because I know it's the only way I'll get strong enough or flexible enough to do fun new tricks on the apparatus.

I can't tell you how many times I tried to take up running before I figured out that (1) I just don't like it that much, and (2) my body just isn't well suited to it. I should have moved on quicker, but I got hung up on what "fitness" was and mistakenly believed that there really was just one or two ways to get there.