Find Yourself A Husband With Words With Friends

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A couple who met when they were randomly matched for a game of Words with Friends has taken their spelling-based relationship up a jillion notches by getting married. This means that a game so good it practically landed Alec Baldwin on the No Fly List is now responsible for just as many intact marriages as Kris Kardashian.


The love story between Megan Lawless of Chicago and Jasper Jasperse of the Netherlands began when Lawless grew bored with her Words With Friends partner in late 2009 and hit "random" in order to be matched with another player. And, just like in a movie, that random person was Matthew McConaughey.

Not really. It was Jasper Jasperse. But in the movie version he'll be played by Matthew McConaughey.


Jasperse and Lawless began chatting during their Words With Friends game, at first innocently and politely, but gradually building until they were emailing and Skyping. By then, they decided that they might want to play Words with More Than Friends and meet in person. Sparks flew, and shortly thereafter, they got engaged, and Jasperse moved from the Netherlands to Chicago to be with Lawless. The two have been married since this past July.

Like many couples who met online, Lawless says she has trouble explaining to her older family members what, exactly, a smartphone is and how, exactly, Words with Friends works. If her older relatives are anything like mine, they probably asked her if it costs a lot of money to email someone long distance.

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RaquelWelts is NOT on the list

I need to start doing the random thing, because the only males I play Words with are my brother and my son. My family loves this game though. Between me (myself?), my son, my daughter, my brother, my mom and my aunt, we've all got at least 2 or 3 games going at once.

And as much as I love Matthew McConaughey (he's on my List), I can't see him playing a character who plays word games. How about Luke Wilson? Or Justin Long?