Would a Rose by any other name smell as sweet? Maybe. But she might not vote the same way.

A new doohickey rolled out by Clarity Campaign Labs and featured on the Washington Post's website promises to waste tens and tens of your minutes this afternoon calculating how likely other people with your first name (or any first name) are likely to be registered as Republican or Democrat, whether they're likely to have a gun in the house, and whether they're likely to have graduated from college. It's kind of neat.

Growing up, I always thought that other people named Erin were the children of uncreative trendy early-80's parents just trying to have a daughter with a Cool Girl name. But it turns out, my fellow Erins would grow up to be college-educated, bluish-purple voting church shunners.

Kinda boring. But things get more interesting when you start searching for names that aren't among the top 200 most popular in the country. Like, say, Beyonce. Did you know that there are 42 registered voters named Beyonce? And that they're almost all Democrats?

But even some unique names get left out. Witness what happened to my most uniquely named coworker when she tried to find how she fit into American voting patterns:

We can't all be Beyonce, I guess.