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Finance Roundup: Otherwise Known As Powerless Lunch

Finance is a fecund topic today, namely because our finances are so universally pathetic. As New York Mag reminded us this week, we have no insurance, we don't take advantage of tax breaks, and the idea of taking time off from work gives us acid reflux. (If only because we can't fathom the thought of a week off to ponder the notion that this is our career). Here, the financial headlines rich and thin..

After reaping billions off the insecurities, label whorishness of Americans, Indian returns to countrymen to make even more money Mohan Murjani sells $100 Tommy Hilfiger jeans to Indians for whom $100 is 2 months' salary. Jeans=the engagement rings of arranged marriage society=everyone in the world is fucking insane. Read for the quotes about $5,000 a year call center workers justify buying Gucci stilettos. [WSJ]


Juggler worth of our antipathy: You, too, can juggle a career, motherhood AND home-schooling responsibilities — as long as your husband manages the part about discussing the historical figure whose birthday it is at breakfast every morning with your daughters. No, really. [WSJ]

One girl's closet=another girl's portfolio!; Sometimes, when we actually leave our house, we wander into luxury department stores and start fingering attractive minimalist clothing that, it turns out, is labeled Calvin Klein. That has nothing to do with why Calvin Klein, the lifestyle brand formerly affiliated with a designer also named Calvin Klein, is actually turning a decent profit. A management team from a schlocky dressmaker that thinks up shit like CK2IN2U is more like it. [WSJ]

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