Finance Roundup: It's A Lot Easier To Be Thin When You Are Rich: Our Personal Finance Roundup

Skip lunch, read these articles and kill two birds! As we went to press it was a kinda-whatever day in the markets, allegedly on bad home sales data — no surprise to all you readers whose minds are so deadened and perfume-addled from the April glossy gluttony that you shirked your womanly duties to read The Economist last weekend! Well yeah, that's probably just us. In the future, we'll post the internet's most fun financial stories here. Basically, because we need a break from Tyra.

  • Lazy and carb avoidance go together like bleu cheese and bacon! The prepared salad business ventures close to $3 billion. [WSJ]
  • Forbes is launching a business magazine—for women! And to prove how seriously they take us as an audience, they've tapped the editor of Four Seasons Magazine to run it! [New York Post]
  • A new business book examines the implications of private labels like H&M, Trader Joe's and Zara on "brands" like Ralph Lauren, Safeway and presumably, Tila Tequila [LA Times]
  • It's a Win-Win-Win For the Gender! Flouting the conventional wisdom that Maria Bartiromo is the hottest woman on CNBC, a blogger is conducting a strange experiment to see who readers think is the real Money Honey. [Opposite George]

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