Finally, You Can Stop Dieting And Insert The Fat From Your Ass Into Your Boobs

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There's a new form of cosmetic breast enhancement rushing towards American shores, and it's sort of the ultimate dream for the ultra-vain: it involves taking fat from your butt and putting it in your boobs. You might be thinking: that sounds totally obvious! Well, it's a little more complicated than a gravy train straight from ass to tits. Doctors have experimented with augmenting breasts with fat before, the Wall Street Journal reports, but that led to "hard lumps or calcifications" because the fat "died" once it was grafted.But did you know that a decade ago, it was discovered that fat has stem cells in it that are similar to the stem cells in bone marrow? The new fat put into breast tissue is sent to a lab prior to insertion, so that the stem cells within can be fortified. This process is all the rage in Asia and parts of Europe, where women are paying "$15,000 to $30,000 or more depending on the surgeon and clinic," according to the Wall Street Journal. Sounds just dandy for the rich and frivolous, right? Wrong! There are major, as yet-unexplored risks, the Journal notes. "Some doctors worry the fat, when reinjected in the breast, could calcify and interfere with mammographic cancer screening. Another concern is that fat injections could increase the risk of breast cancer, because certain anticancer drugs work in postmenopausal women by inhibiting the production of estrogen, a hormone in fat tissue." But that hasn't stopped some U.S. doctors, like Jafar Koupaie, from performing the FDA-not approved surgery. In fact, Koupie was generous enough to perform the controversial procedure on his wife. The Journal interviews Erika Igarashi, a woman who volunteered for the fat-enhancement at the Tokyo-based Seishin clinic. The Journal says that the Seishin clinic uses photos of Igarashi to tout the procedure, but we couldn't find them ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET!! Japanese-speaking Jezebels, perhaps your sleuthing will be more effective — let us know if you find anything. Anyway, a company called Cytori is looking into marketing a device that "combines fat with a mixture of stem cells and other regenerative cells," and there are real ailments like cardiovascular disease (and of course, breast reconstruction for those who have had mastectomies) that could be treated with the potent stem cell combo. If this is the case, why not use cosmetic surgery devotees as guinea pigs? If they're willing to risk their health for perfect tatas, at least they can help others in the meantime. Stem Cells And Breast Surgery [WSJ]


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