Finally: Watch The Official, Tingle-Inducing Hunger Games Trailer

Thank you for the early Christmas present, Good Morning America! The full Hunger Games trailer has aired this morning, and whether you're a fan of the books or just figuring out what all the fuss is about, the clip delivers: It sets up the story of a futuristic dystopian world in which kids are sent to battle to the death. The good news? Director Gary Ross made some excellent choices, it seems. Bleak, washed-out cinematography gives a post-apocalyptic feel to the reaping ceremony. The lush, soft green forest of Katniss's District is in stark contrast to the hard, sharp corners of The Capitol. Leonard Kravitz is a doting and supportive Cinna. The trailer pulls viewers in without giving too much away, and even though the casting of Jennifer Lawrence was not without controversy — in the books, Katniss is described as having straight black hair and olive skin — her acting is on point. The bad news: If there is anything amiss, it is whatever has been glued to Woody Harrelson's head.


The Hunger Games [Apple]


Figured they'd need to CGI the flame dress, but that it would be shimmery iridescent layers of yellow, orange and flame-blue. If it's the innocent pink redemption dress - I had imagined that to be a pale pink shift, but maybe capitol citizens wouldn't be able to relate to something so plain?

I was surprised by Snow's pronunciation of Panem (Pan-EM insted of PANem or PAHNem). Really hope their reaction shot in the pregame interviews were for what she really did, not the bullseye they show in the preview.

I still don't really see the two guys as those characters (mostly because I imagined their sizes to be reversed. That Gale dude doesn't look like the type to soundlessly tiptoe through the forest, and I thought Peeta was supposed to be markedly taller than her). But I'm sure they'll be fine.

I don't mind the blue filter ... things are supposed to be bleak and subsistence level in district 12; they had to make the contrast to the colorful excess of the Capitol.

Did I hear that they cut Madge out of the movie? Looked like her sister giving her the mockingjay pin.

Definitely didn't imagine the Peacemakers to have Stormtrooper-y outfits; that was super weird.

Whatevs, I can't wait!