Finally Starting To Forget

Well, guess what, six years after September 11, it looks like we're finally ready to forget it. Terrorists were never the biggest threat to our nation's well-being, in fact, they're just like us, and now that TMZ can openly call out their celebrity obsessions on TV Colin Powell can finally admit he never really got this whole War On Terror thing, and Bush can finally admit Iraq was a bad move, and New York can back off launching silly Singaporanesque policy initiatives, because no one is much enamored of Rudy Giuliani anymore, not his old aides and not the Republicans, and soon probably not his third wife, who will probably be next to be patted down by Jeri at the entrance to the Fred Thompson bandwagon, because in times when white West Virginian families are setting up sexual torture chambers for young black girls

and criminals are taking up swordfighting in the streets of Philadelphia, we've got worse problems in this country — like a 6% rise in health insurance premiums being the lowest rise in eight years, or the fact that our sports teams are losing to rogue states that have no food— and we could really use a tough, photogenic prosecutor who at least understands the Human Condition to the extent that it is portrayed on television's longest running crime show.


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You know, it's weird, but 'benchmarks' like the 6th anniversary of September 11 do make me think about how things... have... changed... I was 18 when the "events of September 11" you know, happened, and now I'm 24, and we have the same president, and we have fewer rights and more responsibilities, and I'm like, when did I sign onto this? And the way that Robert Kennedy described the world 40 fucking years ago still applies, and what a pity, etcetera, that things are this way, but mabye they HAVE to be this way to get us all to wake up and participate and assign responsibilities to ourselves instead of having them thrust upon us and saying, oh gee, i guess it sucks that we are surrounded by the weak and the stupid. Maybe we are, but youre right, things are a lot worse than they were 6 years ago on this day, and I'm tired of being tired of it. Making a political statement is not "not participating... I am an independent." That's my lesson for the day.