Approximately one half year ago, Orville, the pet tabby cat of Dutch artist Bart Jansen, sadly met his end when he was struck by a car. "We were very sad, and we mourned for a couple of days," says Jansen. "But then I thought we'd make a tribute to his name, and honor him by making him fly."

And how did Jansen do this? By having Orville taxidermied and turned into a remote-controlled helicopter. Now, writes Jansen on his website, Orville can "fly with the birds; oh how he loved the birds."


The Orville-copter was recently revealed at the KunstRai art fair in Amsterdam and viral fame followed soon after (Orville already has its own theme song). As is often the case, popularity has come with its fair share of detractors, PETA being among the most vocal. Says one PETA spokesperson, "It's a macabre way to honor a beloved family member. This is sick. Lay the poor cat to rest."

Jansen, however, will continue to honor Orville (and insult PETA) in his own way — by giving the cat more powerful propellers.

Fly on, Orville. Fly on.

Fur Flies Over Artist's Dead Cat Helicopter [Newser]

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