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Finally: Denmark to Ban Bestiality

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There's good news for the cats, pigs and horses of Denmark: The state's rotten policy of allowing humans to copulate with unwilling animals is soon to be over. Next year, bestiality will be outlawed all over the land. Hamsters will run about their cages freely and squirrels will come out of hiding and look for nuts once again.


Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but how surprised are you to learn that Denmark doesn't already ban bestiality? As surprised as you are to learn that fully 76% of the Danish citizenry support the ban? Because that's surprising. That means 23% of Danes are opposed to not having involuntary intercourse with animals. I don't care what their reasons are, if an animal can't say yes in human tongue, that means the animal isn't interested in what you're peddling. (Parrots and other forms of talking birds don't count.)

The country's Food and Agriculture minister, Dan Jørgensen, told reporters that one reason this form of abuse needs to stop is that in the "vast majority of cases it is an attack against the animals." Huh, a vast majority was not the figure I was expecting.


As The Independent reports, he went on to say:

"And under all circumstances, any doubts about it should go to the animals' benefit," he said. "They naturally cannot say no to going along with it. Therefore, it should be banned."

Denmark is following Germany and Norway, which have also recently banned bestiality. Denmark's lack of laws surrounding sexually assaulting animals has, according to Reuters, led to a growth in animal sex tourism.

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