Finally: Daria To Be Released On DVD

It's taken MTV eight years, but Daria is finally going to be released on DVD in 2010. We can all let out a collective, monotone "Yay." To celebrate, we've compiled some of our favorite moments of the apathetic teen antihero.

TV Shows on DVD reports that review copies of MTV's '90s cult sketch comedy show The State (which will be released July 14) opens with the following screen:

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No other info about the release is known at this time. Fans — nostalgic for Daria's particular brand of unemotional teen angst, lack of enthusiasm for volleyball, self-deprecating sense of humor, and '90s rock transitions — have been eagerly awaiting the DVD release of the show since it went off the air in 2002.

'Daria' Coming To DVD? [TV Shows on DVD]

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Phyllis Nefler

Love love love Daria! I have some burned copies but the quality is not that great.

Oh MTV, remember when you weren't just about terrible, horrible, no good, very bad people humping it out on camera? Remember when you actually needed a functioning brain stem to watch your shows?