Real First Kiss Film Shows Strangers Making Out For The First Time

At last, here's what we've been waiting for— a short film showing real people and real first kisses, no actors, no models and no viral marketing campaign.

By now everyone has probably seen the "First Kiss" video that's gone mega viral (22 million views on YouTube—it's no "Baby," but hey, not too shabby.) First, it was revealed to be a viral marketing campaign, one that "borrowed" heavily from a short film from 1990. And then (OF COURSE) the parodies came.


Finally someone has taken the concept and delivered what people were seemingly curious about seeing in the first place—real strangers kissing for the first time. Volt, aBelgian television show is behind the newest film:

What would happen if you would ask total strangers to kiss? Would it really be like 'First Kiss'? Kobe Ilsen, host of current affairs programme 'Volt' went to Antwerp. This time the proof of the pudding is in the kissing.

The results are beautiful, funny, sexy, heartwarming, weird—all that. The giddy awkwardness at the end of each kiss is pretty much the best part. ("Enjoy your stay in Belgium!" Ha! Love it!)

So, how does this compare to first video that came out this week?

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