Painted Babies-released in 1995, not too long before the death of Jon Benét Ramsey - was an eye-opening documentary that peaked my interest in the surreal subculture of child beauty pageants. The same filmmakers returned 12 years later - for the documentary Painted Babies at 17 - to follow up on the lives of the previous film's two subjects, Asia and Brooke, who are both now 17. Brooke, who stopped competing in pageants when she was 7, because she just didn't want to do it anymore, is now a happy, well-adjusted teenager in a boarding school. Asia's parents recently divorced after her father abandoned her mother and his six children for another woman. But that hasn't taken Asia's focus off the pageant circuit. Not only does she compete, but she also coaches other little girls. And, as you can see in the clip above, she still can't sing worth a damn.