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Filipino Inmates Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson

Illustration for article titled Filipino Inmates Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson

Not long ago, a YouTube video of Filipino inmates dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," swept across the internet, causing quite an online stir. Upon learning about Jackson's death, the inmates decided to create another video—this time, a tribute.


According to the Associated Press, the inmates practiced for nine hours on Friday night in order to prepare for the shoot. Bryan Garcia, who came up with the idea for the dances as means to motivate the inmates during exercises, says that the inmates "consider Michael Jackson as a god here. If not for Michael Jackson, they would not have this international recognition. The fame brought them back their self-esteem. So that's why we have these public performances."

Filipino Inmates In "Thriller" Video Stage Tribute [Yahoo]

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I find that very disturbing, foreigners going to a Filipino prison so they can watch the inmates dance.