Fighting Back In The House Republicans' War On Choice

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Nancy Pelosi called it all "the most comprehensive and radical assault on women's health in our lifetime." Beyond the daily onslaught of horrifying state-level bills are three bills, introduced on the federal level by House Republicans, seeking to severely limit women's reproductive choices. So what the hell do we do now?

Here's what's on the table: The No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act and the Protect Life Act, both of which take aim at insurance coverage of abortion, and the Pence bill, which would strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding for contraception and family planning services. The Pence bill was the focus of a press conference by Democratic leaders and pro-choicers today, along with a GOP proposal to cut entirely the Title X program funding family-planning and women's health clinics.

Some key quotes:

  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky went with an old favorite. "The Republicans want to shrink government so small that it just fits right inside our bedrooms."
  • Rep. Rosa deLauro: "Much like the repeal of health care reform, this is a Republican agenda to force women back into traditional roles."
  • Rep. Barbara Lee: "This is a war on women. They're trying to inject their politics and their religion into local family planning."

Basically. In the meantime, Planned Parenthood and other groups are planning a rally in New York on Saturday, February 26. There's also a Tumblr, Stand Up For Women, where people can submit their own stories about reproductive health access.

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Official Witch of Los Angeles

I clicked on through to the Politico article and reading the comments on the piece — a majority are Conservative-leaning — makes me sick! I seriously wanted to start crying; how can people believe this bullshit? Why does some old man want to tell me that if I'm raped, I have to bring that demon spawn into the world? You want to get pregnant, old man? See how much you'd support abortion then.

In other news, there's a march in LA happening at the end of February. Can that get some love, too?