As you know, along with seed money, a Saturn Sky roadster and a spread in Elle, every Project Runway winner gets to do a capsule collection for Bluefly. Everyone's been waiting with baited breath for Christian's, the foppish, catchphrase-tossing wunderkind of Season 4. And I gotta tell you, kids, it's a bit of a letdown. I mean, it's not a hot tranny mess (sorry); it's got a unified aesthetic and all - you'll recognize his siggy gold/black and puffed sleeves - but it's kind of occupying an awkward middle-ground between ready-to-wear reality and the conceptual haute fash the kid obviously yearns for. It does seem like here's where the economic realities of the Runway package can clip a designer's wings.I was trying to decide who exactly could wear Christian's look - besides his evident muse, Posh Spice, that is - when into my inbox should fly a plaintive plea from one Edith Raymond, who like many internet unfortunatas has a lot of gold stashed somewhere and whose life is in danger but who, if I give her a lot of money, will reward me and countless other strangers with untold riches. So, to accompany Christian's capsule, I give you Miss Edith Raymond's tale which, if nothing else, is fierce. (And if you wanna imply that I'm drawing some kind of scam/new-media comparison...? Who am I to stop you from getting all post-collegiate?) (Click on any image to begin gallery.)