Field Of Dreams

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Soccer star/girl crush Mia Hamm will co-produce a film version of Alive and Kicking: When Soccer Moms Take The Field. The book, by NYT sportswriter Harvey Araton, is the true story of NJ moms who formed a soccer squad. [Variety]


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Mia Hamm was doing drills one day when she was a student and soccer player at UNC. Some cones were set up and she was doing speed and agility work.

And her coach saw her while he was driving around in town. Because she was in a park. On a day off. The team wasn't practicing.

Champions sweat when no one is looking.

The team captains for each U.S. Olympic sport voted before the end of the 2004 Olympics in Greece and chose her to carry the flag in the closing ceremony.

Respect. #miahammaliveandkicking