Ferraro On Palin: She's Not Voting For Her, She Swears

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Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman nominated for the Vice Presidency of the United States and the woman who some considered the archetypical P.U.M.A. after her comments about Obama, sexism and racism earlier this year, has some thoughts about Sarah Palin. And Glamour asked her to talk about them! For once, she doesn't sound completely batshit. Maybe we can make up after our fight. Just a little.Because she says, "Anytime a woman runs, women win," which I completely disagree with, but at least she follows it up with "That doesn't mean I'm going to vote for her, but I do think that a woman running gives little girls the opportunity to say, 'Wow, I can do this,'" which I guess means that she's at least not pulling a Lady Forester de Rothschild and, well, basically my expectations are so low at this point that I'll take anything that isn't an out-and-out endorsement of Palin from a second-waver who thinks it's important to get a woman in office even if its at the expense of women's issues. She then answers questions about the disapproval Palin has faced because of her family:

"Comments about the way that Governor Palin organizes her family are ridiculous. We'd never ask Senator Obama how he organizes his family, because we assume that his wife is taking care of it. How many of us have been working mothers all of our lives? Millions of us! When [Congresswoman] Pat Schroeder was asked by one of the more senior members of Congress how she could be a mother and run for office, she said, 'Because I have a brain and a uterus, and I use both.' I always loved that."


Okay, well, first off, I second the Pat Schroeder love. I can't say I'm as much of a fan of the concept that women are in charge of "organizing" families — be it Michelle Obama or Palin — but, as everyone already knows, I do think the criticisms of Sarah Palin's family have gone overboard on occasion. So, while I'll point out that the same sexism that Ferraro decried mere months ago when applied to Hillary she holds up as a stereotype about the Obamas and the Palins without refutation, it's not clear whether she subscribes to the stereotype or not. Once again, lowered expectations people — after last time, it's really just about trying for a little redemption here. The one thing I do have to take some major issue with is this statement of Ferraro's: "She wouldn't be in the position she's in if she wasn't able to deal with the campaign." Because, really, I think that's pretty debatable. I think she shouldn't be in this position if she's not up for it — and I think Geraldine Ferraro was in 1984 — but either Palin isn't or the McCain campaign doesn't think she is. Either one should give us all pause, Ferraro included. Just being nominated for something doesn't make you ready for it. Palin's gotta prove it, and she definitely hasn't yet. My Advice For Sarah Palin [Glamour]

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please everyone watch the clip from part two of the palin interview