Fergie's dreadful "Big Girls Don't Cry" finally dropped from the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100. We hated this song with a passion—mainly because it's ubiquity forced us to learn all the lyrics. Rich from FourFour hates it too: "And then there's the most terrible problem with the song: its anti-expression theme, which again, suits someone as bereft of things to say as Fergie is to a T. Actually, asshole, big girls do cry — it's just that most big girls haven't had extensive Botox and/or plastic surgery to fix their methfaces, and thus still have full use of tear ducts. Big girls do cry and, more importantly, big girls can cry. And god damn it, even if big girls don't cry they sure do whine, don't they Fergie? I want to use that fucking blanket that children miss as a gag on her." [FourFour]