So now, we've come to the end. We've laughed, we've cried, we've screamed for mercy (and that was just on health care)! I've really enjoyed my time here, and will see you soon. Until then, into the fray...


  • Peggy Noonan says "Pull the Plug on ObamaCare." She uses the word "voodoo" in her argument, which I am sure will be hijacked by the birther movement as more proof. [WSJ]
  • James Fallows at the Atlantic reacts to the Daily Show featuring Betsy McCaughey, and his first conclusion is:
  • I have been far too soft on Betsy McCaughey. Even when conferring on her the title of "most destructive effect on public discourse by a single person" for the 1990s. She is way less responsible and tethered to the world of "normal" facts and discourse than I had imagined.

  • [Atlantic]
  • Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed for People, pledging to 'banish sexual violence' against women. [People]]
  • Ben Smith at the Politico points to a new ad from Americans United for Change. They point the finger at the real purveyors of death panels: insurance companies. [Politico]
  • Another day, another poll about Obama's popularity. Forecast: Cloudy. [LA Times]

Global Issues

  • GOOD magazine has produced a thought provoking video on water - and what it means for women's independence. [YouTube/GOOD]
  • The debate between media images of women and advancement in the Arab world rages on, with lots of parallels to our own situation in the US. [Magharebia]
  • The Honduras-based group Feminists in Resistance is demanding a return to democracy after the coup. [IRC Online]

Thanks again Jezebel. I'm about to kirakuni (take it easy). Go softly into your Friday night, and if you have a minute, please help a sistah out by voting for her SXSW Panel on Social Justice and Video Games.

Here's looking at you, kids...