Feminist trading cards? Yes please. Check out Supersisters, the awesome collection of trading cards from 1979 featuring badass women like Rosa Parks, Meredith Monk, and Laura Lee Ching among others. From the Met:

Published in 1979, the Supersisters trading cards were a playful, informative, and accessible way to spread feminism to younger audiences…

Designed to emulate collectible sports cards, the Supersisters cards were sold as a set, numbered with a photo on one side and statistics on the other. The biographies and photographs provided by the women featured not only highlighted accomplishments, but also shared hobbies and personal details (though several of the Supersisters refrained from sharing their age). Ranging from athletes to activists to anthropologists to poets and members of Congress, many were pioneers in their respective fields.


Um, let's bring this back, shall we? I'll take Kathleen Hanna, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Jessica.

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