Feminist Group Continues to Fuck With Victoria's Secret By Sneaking 'Consent Panties' Into Stores

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Last week, feminist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture tried to convince everyone that Victoria's Secret's PINK line was launching a line of consent-themed underwear. The company's legal team nipped their satire advocacy in the bud, so now FORCE is actually placing thongs that say "Ask First" next to real VS panties that say "Unwrap Me" in in over a dozen stores in North America and Europe. They're calling it "operation panty drop." They rule.

According to FORCE:

When one shopper found them in the store in Miami, FL, she said, "When I picked up this pair of underwear, it was fun because I knew that they had been planted in the store, because I knew about pinklovesconsent.com. I didn't buy them, though- figured another shopper would appreciate the message and might join the consent revolution!"

Another shopper in Philadelphia, PA said she purchased a pair with the Ask First slogan, "…because if I am wearing sexy underwear, that doesn't mean I am asking for anything. Ask me first!" She was not aware of PINK loves Consent prior to the purchase.


FORCE isn't allowed to sell their underwear online because they'd probably get sued. But you can make your own here! Or hope you come across a pair at the mall so you can act all outraged when a salesperson tells you they're not for sale. Priceless.

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Oh shit they're in Philly? About to go use my VS secret rewards card.