Feminist Footwear Advice From 1930

In this article from Physical Culture, a man writes that the next step in women's emancipation should be to ignore the new trend toward high heels and find a "non-barbaric form of footwear."

In the magazine, the "middle-aged gentleman" recounts sitting in Central Park and watching women hobble by in these newfangled monstrosities. He wonders:

Will the day ever come when this last citadel of fashionable distortion of the [female] body will be captured and razed, and when women will get over the notion that there is beauty to be achieved by wearing on the foot a leather harness designed expressly to throw it out of position, destroy its beautiful mechanical efficiency, cripple it in and out of action, and make it look from in front as much as possible like a hoof?


As it has been 80 years since this article was written, we're guessing the answer is "not anytime soon." [Modern Mechanix]

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