Just having a "Women of the Year Awards" wouldn't be enough for British Cosmopolitan. No, instead the magazine held the Ultimate Women of the Year Awards, which one can only assume was more fun, fearless and female than normal awards shows. And, apparently, the event called for worse clothes, because Kim Catrall, Melanie Brown, Dannii Minogue and the host of British celebs who packed London's Banqueting House were most definitely not looking their best. The fun, the fearless, the female — after the jump!

The Good:

It somehow makes perfect sense that Kim Catrall would be at this event! I like this more relaxed look on her. I maybe would have ironed it, but that's me.

I don't know, gang — I think Melanie Brown's looking kinda old Hollywood! (She won 'Ultimate Hottie.')


All things being relative, and despite my hatred of purple, nothing to object to in Connie Fisher's look. In fact, I applaud the accessories! The Bad:


Fearne Cotton seems to have lost her pants -er, trousers.

I'm not saying Alesha Dixon can't work the Showgirls look...but why?


If Dannii Minogue had made different footwear choices I'd feel a lot better about her frock!

I don't think I can blame my dislike of Rebecca Adlington's number completely on my aversion to purple...


Myleene Klass's reminds me of something I got at Forever21 once to wear to a costume party but then was too bashful to wear out of my apartment.


Doesn't Josie Russell look totally Bat Mitzvah-ready? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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