Female Thor Is Outselling Manly Man Thor

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Despite the initial hue and cry from some quarters over Marvel's female Thor storyline, the issues themselves are selling quite well. In fact, they're outselling the last series, starring a more conventional male character.


Fusion reports (h/t the Verge):

While the audience breakdown is not available and there's no way to know if the new Thor is bringing in more female readers, it is clear that she's outselling the last series by A LOT. The first five new Thor books are currently selling more copies than the last five Thor books from 2012 by close to 20,000 copies per month, not including digital copies.


If you compare premiere vs. premiere, Lady Thor still wins, 150,862 copies to 110,443.

It's almost like if you experiment with a fresh new take, people take notice! And as Entertainment Weekly explains, this storyline isn't really a dramatic break with the previous arc, so much as a twist (meaning it's the kind of thing that hangs onto old readers while attracting new ones):

While the artist has changed—with Esad Ribic's painterly, mythic, style replaced with Russel Dauterman's kinetic, vibrant linework—the writer of the new Thor series is the same one who wrote the entirety of Thor: God of Thunder, the excellent book that featured the original, male Thor. This new series is an excellent continuation of the already great story writer Jason Aaron started with Ribic in the Fall of 2012. And Bro Thor (now called Odinson) still plays a huge role in it!

Anyway, hammers are hell on a glass ceiling.

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