If you watched SportsCenter last night, you saw a highlight of some unsportswoman-like behavior by a women's soccer player. But as Zach Dundas wrote for True/Slant, this clip "probably constitutes the single longest SportsCenter segment on NCAA women's soccer."

The player in question, Elizabeth Lambert, punches one player in the back and yanks another player to the ground by her ponytail.

Radar Online calls their clip of the incident "Watch Elizabeth Lambert, The Dirtiest Player in Women's Soccer." Adding:

Lambert's aggressive, dirty play was displayed on ESPN's national stage during her team's 1-0 loss Thursday night to Brigham Young University, and the results — unlike her — weren't pretty.

See, it's incredibly important to comment on an athlete's looks! Especially if she is female. The Radar piece also claims that:

[the] attractive 20-year-old blond displays some of the most violent behavior we've ever seen on any level of sports.


O RLY? More violent than boxing? Or MMA? Or does it only seem violent and newsworthy because women are involved, and they're not acting like delicate princesses? If men were in this clip, would it even have made it onto SportsCenter?

True/Slant's Dundas makes an excellent point:

Thousands of women devote millions of hours to their collegiate [soccer] careers, only to be overshadowed by one semi-psychotic outburst from a… thugette. But, you know, such is life.


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