Female Reporter Detained In Libya Said To Be Alive And Well

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There is little that could be considered "good news" out of Libya these days, not for its people and not for the journalists trying to send word out to the world. But here is a small piece of it: Clare Morgana Gillis, a reporter who was captured there April 5 and has been missing since, says she is alive and well.

Not much more is known besides the fact that she called her parents and said she is "in good health and being held in a women's civilian jail in Tripoli." She was separated from two male journalists who were similarly detained. It's also not clear when she'll be home. In addition to her coverage, Gillis managed to write a few entries about Libya in her blog, which was last updated in late February, when she first arrived there.

Earlier this week, photographer Chris Hondros and filmmaker Tim Hetherington were killed while reporting on the war in Misurata, Libya. A total of 49 journalists have been detained in Libya, according to the Committee To Protect Journalists.


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Dr. Opossum

Does the definition of "well" include being held in prison with no idea of when she might be released? I suppose it is better than what happend to poor Hondros and Hetherington.