Guardian writer rails against critics who call JK Rowling and other women fantasy writers "simple". • Palestinian and Israeli women mingle in a special diet group to lose pounds and gain mutual understanding. • The ASPCA and other animal rights groups have filed a lawsuit against Ringling Bros. for chaining elephants for up to 100 hours. • Woman pops out baby in car, without the help of doctors or spouse. • A roving group of women are stealing flowers from graves to make crafts. • Girls in bikinis serving coffee? Awfully original. • The EEOC is launching a study into why Hispanics are so underrepresented in government jobs. • Fasting for up to 16 hours may help fend off jet lag. • Irregular periods in teens may be a sign of bulimia. • Has anyone else noticed that roller derby is really popular with rockabilly and punk girls? • Women are more concerned with losing weight than avoiding cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. • Perhaps that's because their weight could cost them their jobs!