Female Designed Mosque Opens In Turkey

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Last weekend, the first mosque designed by a woman in Turkey opened in Istanbul. The interior of the Sakirin Mosque was designed by Zeynep Fadillioglu (shown at left). More awesome pictures here. [TheIstanbulian]

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A Small Turnip

Do any Muslim (or well-informed non-Muslim) Jezebels know how a mosque like this is consecrated? Is there a specific ceremony that has to take place? Are certain acts prohibited in the space after that ritual has taken place?

I'm just wondering if press photographs like the ones linked to (absolutely stunning, man!) would have to be taken before the mosque was up and running in a spiritual sense. Or is it acceptable to do (what is at least in part) some advertising for the architect? I'm woefully uninformed about such things, but I'd be really interested to find out.