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Feel-Good Alert! Flash-Mob Wedding Goes Viral

When Caroline Turcksin and Jon Kleiman decided to get married, they wanted a wedding short on commercialism and long on audience participation. It's no shocker that their flash-mob ceremony in Boston's Prudential Center has gone viral!

In case you're wondering who, exactly, the performers are? The Boston Herald has your answer.

The choreographed dancing and singing of their 70 guests did catch mall shoppers off guard. Guests, who had rehearsed that morning, started dancing in unison and singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" as perplexed shoppers walked by. Kleiman played the keyboard before walking down a make-shift aisle. His bride walked down the aisle carrying a simple white bouquet. Kleiman said they weaved his musical past as a pianist, and her past as a dancer into the ceremony.


And while the joyful event — for real, this time! — may have looked like an ad for Ann Taylor, the wedding was actually done on the cheap and without any name-brand trappings. The couple wanted Turcksin's family in Belgium to be able to watch the proceedings; they didn't count on millions of strangers. But trust us, it'll bring a smile to even the most jaded — and, yeah, maybe a tear, too.

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I'm a curmudgeon and I hate the mall, so maybe I'm just not able to get this, but I really don't get it. In the article the groom says "We can’t quite figure out why everybody cares about our wedding," which feels incredibly disingenuous to me. They say that the wanted the family in Belgium to be able to watch the a video of the wedding, but I'm not sure why it would have to be staged in a mall for that to happen. I don't know, I guess I just don't understand getting married in the middle of strangers trying to get to Brookstone or whatever.