Feds Take On Megan Meier Case, Hope To Charge Evil Mom With Crime

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There may be a small hope for non-vigilante justice for Lori Drew, the Missouri mom who started a fake MySpace account under the disguise of a cute boy to befriend, then abruptly begin tormenting, 13-year-old Megan Meier — who responded by hanging herself. (Lori's daughter had had a falling-out with Megan.) The US attorney in Los Angeles — where MySpace is based — is issuing subpoenas in the case in the apparent hope of charging Lori Drew with fraud under a 2005 telecommunications law. Of course, I'm not a lawyer or a pedophile. There are probably some First Amendment concerns here, not to mention some privacy concerns, with the thought of charging Lori Drew with fraud for merely creating a fake MySpace account. The precedent could be fucked; I'm sure there are ramifications and complications that aren't occurring to me; curious to wonder what had sparked the interest of prosecutors all the way in LA I found an earlier piece in the Los Angeles Times on the neighborhood's reaction to the tragedy.

Dozens of people allegedly have called local businesses that work with the family's advertising booklet firm, and flooded the phone lines this week at the local Burlington Coat Factory, where Curt Drew reportedly works.

"I posted that, where Curt works. I'm not ashamed to admit that," said Trever Buckles, 40, a neighbor whose two teenage boys grew up with Megan. "Why? Because there's never been any sense of remorse or public apology from the Drews, no 'maybe we made a mistake.' "


And as of press time, there still hasn't.

LA Grand Jury Issue Subpoenas In MySpace Case [LA Times]

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I feel like we see stuff like this on Law and Order all the time — y'know, a guy found a kit to make a silencer and then murdered four people and himself, and so in order to hold someone culpable they go after the publishing company that published how to make a silencer and therefore is somehow indirectly responsible for the deaths...

Only, to me, this case seems *so much* more clear cut. This woman literally badgered this girl into suicide. Why can't they prosecute her for criminal negligence or something like that? Someone needs to spend some time with the Law and Order episode guides... I bet they have a case already laid out for us!