Love at Burning Man Will Warm Your Bitchy, Jaded Heart

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I very much enjoy making fun of Burning Man attendees. I did it last year. I did it before I worked at Jezebel, when I lived in the Bay Area (I pray all of you will one day experience the glory of a burner-free San Francisco weekend). I hope I live to do it again. There's just so much to work with, especially now that Silicon Valley has taken over the playa, from bros outsourcing tricked-out bikes via Task Rabbit to "venture communists" making deals in the dust.


But these photos HowAboutWe compiled of love at Burning Man are pretty adorable. And if you search Instagram you'll find lots more.

(That last one is less romantic, more impressive in terms of possible coverage and support-related concerns.)


Everyone deserves love, even people partying under a giant golden Facebook like.





Fatty Will Admit It: I am extremely, extremely jealous of the physique of that young lady in the red ruffled panties.

I think it's being pregnant and watching my once so-so tits take a nosedive straight down, as if they are actually just cow udders, combined with watching my already fat belly expanding outward, but for some reason I am officially jealous of skinny people for the first time since I was 26. I thought I had gotten over this! Sigh.