Fatkini Blogger Gabi Gregg Looked Fierce On This Morning's Today Show

Blogger and plus-sized fashion advocate Gabi Gregg accrued Internet popularity this past April after posting photos of herself lounging by the pool in her slamming black and white bikini. She then encouraged others to do the same as a part of XOJane's Fatkini Gallery and share they did! Sadly, not all of the responses to the gallery have been positive, with Gregg being accused of everything from glamorizing unhealthy lifestyles to not being fat enough.


Gabi appeared on the Today Show this morning to defend her choice to post her bikini photos online (as if she should have to), saying, "I'm all for health. I think people should be really aware of what they are putting in their bodies and try to get more active, but the truth is we have to live in the bodies and be happy with the bodies that we have right now, regardless of where we are in our journey to health."


When asked if she was planning on losing weight, Gregg responded, "No, I am happy where I am right now...My health is not determined by my size...My measure for health is determined by how good I feel."

Great. Now that those stupid questions are out of the way, can you please ask Gregg where she gets all of her incredible sunglasses? THANKS.

Plus-size 'fatkini' blogger rebuts critics: 'I'm all for health' [Today]

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Pope Alexander

When people talk about how African-American or Latina girls can get away with being heavier more than white girls can, aren't we really just talking about face structure? It seems to me that the real difference is that girls like Gabi have amazing cheekbones and strong jawlines so the weight doesn't give them "moon face."

I've found that skinny girls with round faces can look chubby, and thicker girls with well-defined faces can seem smaller. Is this just in my head?