Father Weeps After His Daughter Finally Gets to Meet the Members of One Direction

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Boy bands make girls cry all the time, but it's not as often that they make girls' fathers cry. One Direction should be proud that they managed to make one dad in Australia get a severe case of the misty eyes. Anthony Lee has been working his butt off for two years (!) to get his daughter, Catie Rose, tickets to see One Direction, her favorite band. They'd entered competition after competition and tried everything else but to no avail. Finally, during the band's recent tour stop in Brisbane, Anthony and Catie Rose waited outside a photoshoot location and managed to meet the band. Catie was ecstatic, but her father's joy is on a whole different level, and he can't contain his tears. Lee said, "We never got tickets but we got the best thing, a hug from Harry and autographs from all the boys." Though in the end Anthony and Catie Rose did succeed because after his crying spell was captured by Australia's Today Show, the interview host has promised to get the family tickets to the next One Direction concert in the country. Predictably, this news made Mr. Lee cry all over again.

Anthony Lee, Dad, Cries When His Daughter Meets One Direction [HuffPo]

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I am going to have to ignore all the Grinches and just be happy for them. When you have a child in your life that you love, you will move heaven and earth to make them happy.

Back in the height of the Tickle Me Elmo days, the guy I was dating had a 4 yr old son that wanted one. My bf, his ex (mother of the son) and I tried everything to get one, to no avail. Three nights before Xmas, he and I went to his work's holiday party. I won a Tickle Me Elmo and we were so happy. His co-workers were coming up to me and offering me $300 cash for the Elmo because they had kids that wanted one. Elmo was not for sale.

That Xmas morning we gave it to his son. The kid looked like he had just seen Jesus tap dancing with a unicorn. He couldn't take his eyes off Elmo. His dad told him, "Say thank you." Still staring at Elmo, he leaned towards it and whispered, "Thank you, Elmo." I will never forget that day.