Father Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail After Taking His Pregnant Teen Daughter to Marry Her Rapist

Today’s most excruciatingly terrible news comes from Idaho, where a father has been sentenced to a mere 120 days in jail and four years of supervised probation for taking his 14-year-old daughter across state lines to marry her 24-year-old rapist.

The Associated Press reports that the man, who is not named in order to protect his daughter’s identity, brought his underage daughter, who was impregnated by her rapist, to Missouri, where 14-year-olds can be legally wed. He did this, he said, out of some deep and abiding love for his daughter. According to court documents, the father, who pled guilty to injury to a child, told the judge that he believes a man should marry a girl if he gets her pregnant. The AP reports: “He told the judge that he loved his daughter and would never intentionally harm her but acknowledged making a bad decision.” The father’s defense attorney argued that he was trying to help the couple all along.

The marriage between the teenage girl and 24-year-old man lasted for roughly four months, until the girl miscarried and returned to Idaho, where the girl’s mother filed for an annulment. According to the Idaho State Journal, the girl’s mother had originally suggested that the teenager have an abortion. Both father and daughter then objected to the procedure, ostensibly on religious grounds. The girl’s mother didn’t learn about the marriage until after it had occurred.

At his sentencing, Seventh District Judge Gregory Moeller, noted that “120 days is approximately how long this vile farce of a marriage lasted,” and instructed the man to “sit and think about the 120 days your daughter was in a vile farce of a marriage to a rapist because of you.”

According to the Idaho State Journal, the 24-year-old man (whom the paper cringe-inducingly refers to as “the groom”), was sentenced to 15 years in prison with the possibility of parole after three years.

Image via AP.

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