Father Gives Daughter Bikini Waxes, Rides To Work At A Brothel

Today's episode of Tyra was about women who are looking to become legal prostitutes in Nevada. One particularly fucked up segment featured Summer, a pretty 18-year-old who is an "up and coming" adult film actress about to start working at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Summer's father is also her manager, and he not only talked her into working at the brothel, but gives her Brazilian bikini waxes. Almost more insane? They actually show him doing it. Now, I'm pro-porn and pro-sex work, and I feel like people should be allowed to make their own choices when it comes to how they want to make their money. But maybe I'm not as progressive as I thought I was, because this shit is just wrong. Oh, and when Summer is shown crying when her dad drops her off at the brothel? He says, "you forgot something," and you think he's gonna give her words of encouragement or a hug, but instead, he hands her a giant bottle of lube.



@kolea: Okay. Whoa. Time out for a second. First off: frequency doesn't make this LESS tragic. 1 in 4 women is raped in the US. Should we not feel too bad about it because those numbers could be higher elsewhere? Second off, her race has nothing to do with this. I assure you every person on this site would be just as horrified to see a girl of ANY race in this situation.

ALSO, I don't think you can compare the atrocious acts of people in the throes of poverty faced with near impossible decisions, which is horrible enough, to a guy who... really doesn't seem to be forced with a terrible decision at all. He's just straight up exploitative.