Fat & Smart? Or Skinny & Stupid?

The Today show had a segment this morning ostensibly about "brains and beauty" that actually concerned some internet game "Would you rather be fat or [blank]", in which people go online and pick the "disability" they would prefer over suffering from obesity. In predictable fashion, Today show producers sent their cameras out on the street and interviewed a half-dozen people (all of them women, of course), asking "Would you rather be 40 pounds overweight and smart, or skinny and stupid?" Almost every one of the respondents picked poundage and brain cells over being svelte and stupid, except for one woman, who gave an amusing, politically-incorrect answer she will no doubt get shit for. Clip above. (A more in-depth, in-studio discussion can be seen here.)

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The saddest one of these questions I ever heard was asked of kindergarteners: Would you rather have a stupid thin friend or a smart fat friend? They ALMOST ALL picked stupid and thin. I was heartbroken.

@redheadedstepchild: @ShearGenius has glitter in her veins.: You could trade 3,000 bucks for perfect vision. Better than IQ points ;-)