Fat Ladies in Bikinis Just Can't Win

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Gabi Gregg, "full time fat girl/personal style blogger" put together a slide show of 31 "hot sexy fat girls in skimpy swimwear" that was posted on XOJane today.


Gabi writes:

One of my bikini photos was picked up by Jezebel, and a lot of the comments were along the lines of "Of course she has confidence! She's a toned, hourglass-shaped plus size woman! I could never wear a bikini! I'm so flabby!" My initial reaction was defensive: Yes, it's soooo easy being confident and showing off your body on the internet as a 220 pound woman of color in our society, amirite?

However, I do acknowledge that I have some level of body privilege (but um, for the record: I totally have flab, stretch marks and cellulite, you just can't see it in the photos I posted due to the high waisted bottoms and the distance of the shots). Anyway, this is all a roundabout way of getting to my point: Hopefully this gallery, which features lots of body diversity, proves that it's not only "toned" fat girls who can feel confident hitting the beach in a two piece.

The concept is amazing and the slideshow is great; the women look incredibly vibrant and confident and some of the swimsuits are seriously cute. Everybody's happy, right? Nope, that's not enough: Some folks have complants.

A sampling:

I love the idea of baring it all so that the world can see women come in all shapes and sizes. But as a plus size person who is trying to inject more positivity into my personal self image I resent the term fatkini, its a little degrading and personally, joking about being fat is just as bad as calling yourself fat.

I will be the combo breaker cause the sugar coating sometimes needs to stop. Sure you can love your body and flaunt it proudly, but objectively some girls needs to realize when an outfit just DOESN'T GO WITH YOUR BODY TYPE. Sometimes it just doesn't fit right. Sorry, but it's just how fashion goes, for thick and thin bodies.

I thought we were going to do a gallery w. everybody and their beach bodies. I'm so sad this was an exclusive thing everybody didn't get to be included. I'm not usually whiny or dramatic about internets stuff (I tend to err on the side of shut the fuck up), but I really wanted to be included. I thought the Beach Body Project was for everybody. Also, there are like 3 kinds of bodies included.


It is incredibly brave of Gabi (pictured at top) and all the women involved to be participating in this project and exposing themselves, their bodies and their beliefs in a cruel, fat-shamey world. If only it were possible to talk about our bodies — fat, specifically — without anything negative being said. Just imagine. One day, with no negative body stuff.

Even Gabi was just a little bummed out:

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I get the whole "no body snarking" rule that we have here, but I don’t understand why that means some of us have to gush over the obese people that are featured in posts like these. That woman is not "gorgeous" (in the eyes of, say, >95% of hetero males). She is a fairly average, albeit confident and smiley, person – the type of woman that you would see at any pool in the country.

If this were an article about this woman saying something hateful, no one here would say, "She is a really mean person, but boy is she gorgeous!"