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Good news: The 44-pound homeless kitty and overnight celebrity, Princess Chunk (or "Prince Chunk" according to this source, the sex of the kitty is still up for debate), has found a home. The feline from Camden County Animal Shelter in New Jersey had 400 people scrambling to adopt her after she caught the nation's attention with her full figure and lovable demeanor. She is a decade old and used to go by name of "Powder" until the family that previously owned her lost their home to foreclosure. [MSNBC]


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A similar thing happened at the shelter where I volunteer every Saturday. A few years ago, here in St. Louis, a dog survived the city-pound gas chamber. Stray Rescue(where I absolutely AMAZING no-kill shelter) took the dog in. There were hundreds of adoption applications from around the country, but in the end, the founder of the shelter ended up adopting him. It was really frustrating because many people only wanted him for the fame. The shelter also has a program called "Abandoned, not Forgotten" in which they take in pets abandoned due to forclosures. Unfortunately, they are rescuing more and more dogs this way lately. The foudner of the shelter also goes out everyday to rescue stray dogs and cats.