Fasten Your Seatbelts, Girls; It's Fashion Week

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Have you heard? Today is the official start of Fashion Week here in New York, which means that today is the day during which our heads will get even closer to exploding from the sheer volume of shit coming our way from the celebrity-sartorial complex and the pressures involved in sorting through it. Seeing that this is Jezebel's first fashion week — Moe, in fact, is a fashion week virgin — we'll be winging it a bit. We'll also probably be posting less often as three of the Jezebel editors (Dodai, Moe, Jennifer) will be offline and crashing the runways, reporting on all the "celebrity" sightings, expensive shit, bad attitudes and, of course, pretty clothes you (or they) can handle. Speaking of, we'll be paying even closer attention to your comments than usual over the next seven days, so please, let us know what you want to see, what you don't, and what makes you want to vomit. Want to know more about what we — and other blogs — will be covering? Check out this story in today's Women's Wear Daily.


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My wishlist: anyone but the blah "regulars" - no department store specials!! There are so many good small shows to go see, you should reward only the truly interesting and gorgeous with press.