As MySpace will attest Fashionista blogger Faran Krentcil has many friends, one of whom works at a magazine and has an assistant they like to laugh at behind her back because she wears totally hideous outfits all the time, and sometimes they pay her false compliments just so they can get a closer look at her insane ensembles, and today she decided to post a blog entry about this fact, and I think you can see where this is going i.e. commenter MUTINY. Wrote one:

"everyone always laughs at you faran when you go out. trust me on this."

And another!

the next time someone says you look nice, do they actually mean you look like a rabbit with curls...?

Because Faran is a helpful and generally nice person whose time we have wasted hours instant-message polling we decided to IM her. Was the assistant in question in danger of recognizing herself in her bitchy blind item? And if so, didn't she owe it to the internet, to society, to out the subject of the blind item in which the fashion magazine editor cuts in line at a club by telling the girl behind her "You're ugly."?? Well, as for the first part:

I don't think the assistant will realize it's her, no. For various reasons, but mostly because although the girl's accessories are very over-the-top, her work ethic is incredible and she's probably packing Prada samples right now, not reading blogs.


And the second? We made a plea, but she wouldn't budge. So Faran, consider this your online petition. If you're going to embarrass poor misguided fashion assistants on your blog, you kind of have to embarrass the bitchy fashion editor ubercunts even more. It's called morals, or moral relativity, or something.

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