We thought this foot fetishist toy was bad, but apparently the sexual objectification of female feet extends to fashionistas as well. Feministing just put up a post on the above image, which came to them courtesy of the ready-to-wear-loving retards at V Magazine. (And believe us, there's worse images than this one). V Magazine is a fashion rag that bills itself as "the younger sibling publication to limited-edition quarterly Visionaire" and is, uh, 'creatively directed' by one <a href="http://www.parsons.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_details.aspx?dID=72&sdID=95&pType=1&id=4495

">Greg Foley, (also a children's book author!) who deserves a swift kick in the ass for commissioning such a feature. Hey Greg, your place or ours?


Seriously Disturbing Image Of The Day [Feministing via V Magazine]

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