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Fashion Writer Wears Fashionable Shoes, Loses Will To Live

Illustration for article titled Fashion Writer Wears Fashionable Shoes, Loses Will To Live

Liz Jones (left), a writer for the Daily Mail, may look like a happy person, but she went on a crazy, sadistic mission: to wear eight different pairs of cutting-edge high heels during Fashion Week. All of the shoes were "ankle-breakingly high," with at least a four-inch heel and often a one-inch platform. And Ms. Jones never wears heels. She's a flip-flops girl "come rain or shine." Her report? "One week on and I have lost the will to live. I have so many blisters I have stopped counting." Leaving the country via Newark Airport, Jones was offered a wheelchair because she was hobbling so badly. But of course, at the shows, she was well-received. "Photographers for avant-garde Japanese publications, who normally shove me out the way at the couture shows, clamoured to take pictures of my vertiginous shoes," she claims.


"I admit that if you don't have to move, these shoes can look quite nice." But she likens them to corsets, the hobble skirt and foot binding. "Having tired of torturing us with skinny jeans and mini skirts, the fashion industry thought it might be a lark to render us unable not just to run for a bus, but even to stand up for periods of time." She gives each shoe a comfort rating and a lists the injuries she incurred. The worst offenders? Satin platforms from Marni, which she could only stand for five seconds. We love her entire report, because it's funny — and it didn't happen to us.
Killer Heels: Liz Jones Tests Out The Agonising New Styles [Daily Mail]

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Barry Petchesky

@funnyface: That's the accepting spelling in the UK.

And good god, I don't even see why heels are supposed to make you look better. My female friends refer to some vague sense of self-confidence they give, but I don't get it at all.