In arguably the most important runway show in a fashion week defined by important shows, Snuggie debuted a Spring collection of striking brilliance and originality.

A lush mixture of heraldic and modern, sumptuous and restrained, the collection suggested a tongue-in-cheek decadence witty in its audacity.

The androgyny of the piece is reminiscent of the work of Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons, but working in a playful, youthful palette uncharacteristic of that designer's work.


The designers combined the utilitarian with the classic, resulting in a thoroughly wearable aesthetic.

The silhouette was a natural evolution of spring's shapes, with a pointed reference to the almost-geometric vagaries of the current marketplace.


Whimsy and a particularly American brand of quietude were at work in the collection's best moments.


If the collection had a weakness, it was a tendency to revel in its own wit - but for the most part the true beauty of line allowed the garments to wrest emotion from what might have been merely an aridly intellectual sarorial parlor game.

[Images via AP]